There was only one piece of snail mail today that looked interesting.  I opened the letter to find it was from a women’s clothing store telling me I needed to prepare for the cooler days ahead by buying clothes from their stores.   And, just by the way, I was only $350 away from my first reward of $25 off my next purchase after that spending spree…..there were of course more terms and conditions that applied to that reward as well.  They hoped they would see me soon.  I laughed out loud.

I also laughed out loud while I was brushing my teeth today.  I noticed that on the back of the packet of “lady” razors the manufacturers told me in 15 different languages that the razors were suitable for women with sensitive skin.  Each translation of the words “sensitive skin” was prefaced with a one or two letter code for the language used.  Working out each code was like a quick quiz while I brushed my teeth.  Good fun!


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