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Further learning

I read something yesterday that added further learning to my wonderings and observations around the ordinary craft of knitting that I find so helpful.  Knitting allows me to turn my brain down to “low” and frees my unconscious mind to kick in.  What activities do you do that triggers this helpful state?


An ordinary craft

I have been enjoying knitting again.  I learnt to knit from my mother when I was around the age of 12.  I knitted jerseys for myself and then lots of baby clothes and kids jerseys when my children were younger.  Sweatshirts and polo fleece garments found favour and my needles were put away.  However with a grand child due I began knitting again. 

Today there is an amazing array of yarns to choose from and a growing body of people taking up knitting again.  So what do I like about this ordinary craft?

I find my mind can hold its attention on the stitches and patterns but with some space to reflect and let my creative brain get busy.  This space has a restful and mindful quality to it which is very relaxing to my physical body too.

Perhaps the creating of a garment frees up the creative juices to play with other ideas.  There is also something very satisfying about seeing a garment grow and then to complete a project.  It must be addictive too because I miss having something to knit when I have nothing on the needles.  I am proud to receive  feedback others give when they see the completed garment and remark enthusiastically upon it.  In a world of massed produced, factory made clothing it is both unusual and exciting to see an original, hand made garment.

I come from a long line of women who have knitted so there is a sense of tradition being continued.  I have taught my oldest two children to knit and my daughter is just sewing up her first jersey.  So it feels good to have passed the tradition on.

Here in New Zealand winter is about to hit us and where we live we need woollen things to help keep out the cold and the wind.  My next project will be knitted in pure wool but my mind is already turning to using Alpaca wool for the first time to knit a warm and light-weight jacket.


I went to my monthly Coaches Network Meeting last week and heard Eva-Maria Salikhova present to us about social networking and business.  Eva-Maria is a young woman who has already written a book about parenting but from the point of view of a teenager.  Stunning stuff considering she was only 17 years old at the time.  Also stunning to find she is an international speaker, writing another book, and is a certified coach…..all at the age of 19 years.

I am currently reading her book and am finding it fascinating.  Her website is: for more information.

Eva-Maria has a wisdom beyond her years and a generosity of spirit and respect for people that is so needed in the world.  An extraordinary woman.  Go well Eva-Maria!