Where are the Tuis?

I love watching the birds in our suburban garden.  In the years we have lived here the trees, both native and imported have grown, often to sizes much greater than the labels on them indicated.  I suspect we are being rewarded now because we provide better homes, shelter and food for the birds.  A special reward this summer and early autumn has been a resident Grey Warbler. 

This is a tiny bird but with a big and most beautiful song.  I read a description of its song once as being “an unfinished symphony” and I think that sums up some of its magnificent qualities.  It also has a very big heart, although in an unwitting manner, because Shining Cuckoos often lay their eggs in the nest of the Warbler and kick out the Warbler’s eggs.  To their credit the Warblers get on and raise the interlopers.  It is a constant delight to hear the lovely song and know the wee bird or birds feel safe enough to live in our garden.

With autumn here our resident Fantails are here in the garden again and we welcome their bright wee chirping noises and staccato acrobatics as they flit about.

No sign of the Tuis yet.  They must be living elsewhere at present, close to food sources.  Maybe flowering flaxes or red gums.  Perhaps as the weather cools and the Indian Summer we have been enjoying has gone, they will back.

I’m going to tie a seedy bird biscuit on the bird feeder now and watch to see who comes to enjoy that.  The biscuits were made by 4 year olds at preschool and sold to raise funds.  Good stuff.


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