Daily Archives: March 28, 2011

The Tuis must have tuned in!

Yesterday I posted that the Tuis were absent from our garden.   An hour later there was a Tui singing in one of our trees!  I guess the message got out into cyberspace and somehow jogged a Tui to turn up here to let me know they are not that far away!

Today there is a Tui in a neighbour’s garden.  

It has been around all day so perhaps they are returning.  Nice.


Fun and Games

A few years ago I was challenged by someone to consider how I played and had fun.   I had a few ideas about what I did but the question piqued my interest about what other adult women did to play and have fun.  I sent this question to 18 women of varying ages and I received 10 responses.

Many women reported the following as ways to play and have fun:   Music, singing and dancing; reading books or magazines; playing with their own children or other people’s children;  enjoying pets; nature based activities, such as beach walking, picking flowers, skipping stones; shopping both browsing and purchasing; spending time with others, having a meal together, sharing experiences, new places to visit, visiting friends, playing tricks and pranks on friends, or simply blobbing out with a preferred person.

Being able to feel free enough to really express ourselves in a joyful happy way without the burden of responsibilities and worries, even for brief moments is a healthy thing to do for ourselves.

Tomorrow I will post a list of other fun and playful things the women mentioned in their replies.