Daily Archives: April 1, 2011

Exuberance and Joy

I have seen some of the 2011 Cricket World Cup which is being played in India and Sri Lanka.  I am constantly in awe of how energetic and happy the crowds and crowds of people are at these matches.  People from the sub-continent simply love their cricket.  The crowds dance, jump up and down, wave flags and their arms, smile and laugh with such high energy and joy.  It is infectious.  Noise levels in the grounds are at fever pitch as they clap and cheer for their heroes and for cricket in general.

The piece I had not noticed and which a commentator on the radio today drew my attention to is that there is very little alcohol being consumed by these happy, energetic and genuinely joyful cricket lovers.  In comparison crowds which attend sports matches in my country are often fuelled by drinking alcohol.

It is really refreshing to see people expressing such joy and exuberance without the support of alcohol but also to reflect on how a passionate love of a sport can be expressed so openly and enthusiastically by people of all ages and from all sections of society.