Daily Archives: April 4, 2011

Winter gardening and personal growth

Daylight saving has just finished here and I am noticing people commenting  with little enthusiasm that winter is coming.  The clock going back is a sure signal that another seasonal change is drawing closer.

I love gardening and all the many benefits being in the garden brings me.  I have been thinking about winter and how down people feel about its approach and how we garden in the winter time.

It seems to me that winter can be an excellent time to consider what in our lives or activities could lie fallow and resting during winter, in the same way the soil does during the long dark and often cold and wet days.   What can we prune or trim that will, in time, mean a burst of new growth and harvest once the light begins to return?  What might we prune or cut out completely from our lives?  Are there things that do not serve us well that need “the chop” and will allow a space for something new to be planted, in time or when conditions improve or alter?

How can we as gardeners rest and reflect when our gardens are too water-logged and unpleasant to be out in?

What needs to be planted in the winter months that allows for something to take hold even in the dark, cold, miserable conditions?  Gardeners are advised to plant large trees, shrubs and roses in the depths of winter to ensure time for settling before the burst that spring brings.

How can we prepare for winter and the challenges it brings to us?   Do we need to feed some things, do we need to mulch for protection and potential? 

What reserves have we got to draw on through the bleaker months?

And what might the benefits be for us, on some occasions in winter, to rug up, pull on gumboots and “get out and do something” in the garden?  To draw forth our determination, our energy and creativity?

How is winter time for you?