Daily Archives: April 11, 2011

Quick catchup

My weekend was pretty busy with the usual household chores needing attention but more importantly my grandson’s second birthday to attend.   His birthday dawned calm, warm and sunny which meant we could spend time outdoors playing as well as enjoy opening presents and eating yummy food inside.  It would be impossible not to delight in his interest in almost everything and his high energy.  Almost all his immediate family, a couple of adult friends and a special young friend  were there to celebrate the day with him.   Digital cameras have captured some wonderful pictures of a special day.

He spent a couple of hours on Sunday here while  his parents went and had a coffee together.  So I enjoyed more time with him, hearing all the new words and short sentences he can say, watching his new gait and increasing ability to balance his body in different activities and as always his inquiring mind. 

I love quirky things and in today’s paper I read that a woman in earthquake ravaged Christchurch had been given a bright yellow tea towel and on it was printed ” Life sent your lemons?………make a gin and tonic.”    Seemed like good advice given their current situation.