Putting things to good use

I am busy knitting small garments for babies and children in Christchurch, using wool I have in my stash.  Wool that has been in my stash for quite a long time.  I have been pleasantly pleased with how some blending of leftovers have turned out in cute wee hats.  It is so satisfying to see these left overs being put to good use.  

My parents were strong on making good use of what we had around the place and I’ve picked up that value too.

So what else am I putting to good use?   Some tablecloths and napkins that were engagement and wedding presents to my parents; some shower gel that was given to me 7 years ago; some tea towels I bought 26 years ago; greeting cards and writing paper from my mothers’ collection.

Our wee grandson is using the trundle bed we have had for 30 years and never used and I am eyeing up dead cabbage tree leaves to make bundles of kindling for lighting a woodburner.  I am sure there are more usable resources stored away around my home.

In a society that is driven by advertisers to buy and buy it feels good to be counter culture at times.


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