Daily Archives: April 22, 2011

Water, wildlife and a walk

I am fortunate to live in an area which has two man-made lakes near the local shopping area.  Yesterday was warm and calm and I took the opportunity to walk around the larger of the two lakes.

There are always lots of ducks of various breeds on or around the lake and several people were feeding the hungry ducks and sea-gulls.  Simple fun and enchantment for children.

As I strolled around the perimeter I spotted the two  resident black swans and their latest clutch of two small cygnets.  There were a few cormorants either diving for food or sitting in the sun drying  their wings.  The surprise for me was a young, fluffy, spindly- legged pukeko dipping for food in the bullrushes with its attentive parents.   There were several adult pukekos in the rushes too so it would appear that these birds are now making the lake and its environs home.

I was also able to enjoy looking at neighbouring gardens and plants along the edge of the path.

After collecting the things I needed from the shops I drove home and spied the goose family on the grassy edge of the smaller and less accessible upper lake.  The goose and gander appeared last spring with their young and the family still moves about together, despite the young now being the same sizes as their parents.

Time in nature feels so good.