A busy mind

I’ve had a random collection of things on my mind in the last few days. I’ve been thinking about: weddings and our obvious fascination and delight in them;

labyrinths and mandalas and our fascination with inner journeys and spirituality;

my tenacious cherry tomato plant that looks, by and large, a total wreck now but which is still producing edible tomatoes and even has some new leaves and flowers on it;

the workings of wireless modems and how they don’t always work…..there seems to be “fade” happening lots of the time;

how easy it is to live in the absence of persistent windy weather and finally today the amazingly hot and humid day we are experiencing here today.

Okay enough avoidance. I am about to speak to the wireless modem provider as the thing is still under warranty. Wish me luck on this one!


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