Daily Archives: May 20, 2011

More sunshine, warmth and light

It is amazing the difference a week can make. Our neighbours have spent the last week cutting down and trimming trees in their large backyard. Several of these trees were very, very big and were shading our living area, our garden and the line on which we dry our washing.

So I am delighting in more sunshine, warmth and light in both the house and the garden. There are two more macrocarpa trees to come down and once they have gone we will enjoy more sun and warmth. I am sad to see trees being cut down but these have become unmanageable and really were unsuited to an urban garden.

We have lost some privacy but with winter drawing in the reduced need for heating in the house will be most welcome when the sun is out. What I have gained is a new view of the familiar out of my windows that face north west but also some new glimpses of things not visible before which I am enjoying.

I blogged back on April 4th this year about and I have been considering all the cutting and removal that has happened and how that could connect to us as humans living and growing.

Cutting things back, pruning and trimming in the garden can be about looking for improvements in the shape of trees, stimulating new growth in spring, allowing more light and air to filter through, getting rid of dead or damaged wood. How can we reshape our lives or routines to better suit our needs for rest, relaxation, relationship, creativity? What might we need to do now and then wait for the results to be seen in a few months time? What can we do to bring in more sustenance, nurturing, refreshment for ourselves? Are there bits of our lives that need our care and attention or that need to be finished with?

Removing trees to let in more sunshine, light and warmth seems to me to encourage us to think about obstacles and barriers that might be in our way and which we need to stop working around or that are stopping us grow and flourish.

The neighbours tell me that they are going to plant a large vegetable garden so something new is going to grow from their work and a member of my family is going to have firewood for a long time to come. Out of change comes new possibilities…….I’d love to hear your thoughts on gardening and personal growth.