Daily Archives: June 2, 2011

A bit distracted

I’ve been quiet on the blog for a few days now. The ordinary care of the two cats became rather more of a full time occupation for a week. One of our cats is on medication for an inflammatory condition and it seems that the medication levels were too high for him. He was very out of sorts and required almost daily visits to the vet for extra fluids and lots and lots of TLC plus encouragement to pick up his eating.

I’m very pleased to say that he has improved and is much more his old self again. I now have to monitor the new reduced dosage and see how he fares. Fingers crossed.

On a quite separate note it has been confirmed officially that May, in my neck of the woods, was the hottest on record. We continue to enjoy very mild conditions here and I cannot help but note how easy life is without high winds and cold temperatures. The same weather officials are saying that our Golden Weather is almost at an end with the La Nina pattern diminishing. But for today we will continue to relish it.