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Saturday Tip: From a circa 1950’s Cookbook: Tui’s Third commonsense Cookery

Table Etiquette.
“There is actually no right or wrong way to serve a meal. The only requisites are good table manners, cleanliness and orderliness. However, a few suggestions might help the busy housewife in arranging for smoother and brighter family meals.
The children can help. As soon as they are able, children should take the responsibility of setting and waiting on the family table. This not only saves Mother many steps, but instills good habits of discipline and unselfishness. Boys as well as girls should share the work, and this also applies to washing and drying the dishes.

Making the Meal Table Attractive.
Whether you use d’oyles or a real damask linen table cloth, the chief essential is cleanliness, freshness and neatness. Knives, forks, spoons, water glasses and table napkins, should be neatly set. Flowers brighten the meal, but should be low enough to look over. Table napkins at left of fork or in plate space between knife and fork. Serve and remove everything excepting tea or drinks, from the left of your guests. Move quietly.”
“Tui”, Lady Editor, N.Z Dairy Exporter.