Notes and Notions from Stitch magazine, March 1956

Here are some items from the “Notes and Notions” page from the March edition of Stitch magazine, 1956. Love the narrow waist and the long white gloves in the above advertisement.

” If you are still serving salads, but find the usual boiled egg dull, try Scotch eggs, a family favourite, served in lettuce leaves for a change.”

” Rivalling the suit for Autumn days is the dress and jacket ensemble. Box jacket over a slim dress is flattering and practical.”

” Time to look over your preserving jars and equipment. The season for bottling will soon be here, and it is best to be prepared.”

“Virginia Mayo believes that the first essential of a good figure is a good breakfast. Comforting words from one of the screen’s loveliest stars.”

“Make a little bag from a face cloth and draw the open end tight with elastic. Fill with soap ends and you have a useful bath pad.”

So there you are, so much advice in such an advising tone…..and why do I have a Stitch magazine from 1956? There is a great pattern in it for small people’s socks to knit:-)

6 thoughts on “Notes and Notions from Stitch magazine, March 1956

  1. Marian Kerr

    What fun to read this. Mum used to melt bits of soap-ends in hot water and put them into a plastic mould to ‘make’ new bars of soap. I often squash the old soap end onto the top of a new bar to extend its usefulness. I also cut nice sopas into small pieces to use as hand soap. It’s funny how we often carry on these frugal habits we were taught in childhood.

    1. ordinarygoodness Post author

      My Mum used to do this with bits of soap too and I carry on the tradition. “Waste not, want not” was the underlying value of this budget stretching. Mum also made soap for a while when I was small. It was a smelly process – no pretty perfumes in that soap. It was used for washing clothes. There are more Notes and notions to come:-)

    1. ordinarygoodness Post author

      I’ll post some more in the coming weeks…..I was two in 1956 so these were messages my Mum heard. What slender forms and stylish fashions….

    1. ordinarygoodness Post author

      Good fun isn’t it? A window into bygone days which we might be tempted to say were simpler. Who knows?


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