Anyone for cricket?

A courier package at the door this morning heralds my blog post for the day. Inside the bag was a small wooden cricket bat…..

While this bat would not feature on Antiques Roadshow it is in many ways a family heirloom.

My Dad loved cricket. He spent most of his life either playing, coaching, administering or fervently watching both family members and favourite teams. As well as being a very able cricketer he was also skilled in carpentry and bat maintenance and repairs.

He very cleverly cut down an old adult sized bat and fashioned this tiny tot’s version. My four brothers may all have used this bat as small boys but I do know that my oldest son was delighted to find he could play cricket just like his Daddy, his Grandfather and uncles when he was given this bat by his beloved Pappa (Grandfather).

All three of my children used it and all went on to play cricket at times in their lives. When my brother had his children the bat went to live at their home and was used by four more small children within the family circle.

The bat has come back to me so I can give it to my grandson to use and enjoy. It will bring back memories for his Dad and for everyone in my immediate family.

It feels as if another turn in a spiral has been made.

2 thoughts on “Anyone for cricket?

  1. Juliet batten

    My dad made cricket bats too, and we all used to play. When the uncles and aunts came at Xmas we would have a big family cricket match. My granddad was a Yorkshire man and cricket was always on the radio all summer. Such a leisurely game. What a precious heirloom for you to have, and how wonderful to be passing it down to the next generation.
    I read ‘Parky’, Michael Parkinson’s autobiography, recently, and it’s full of cricket memories.

    1. ordinarygoodness Post author

      Another synchronicity! Cricket on the radio while painting and gardening…….so many different forms of the game now. I wonder what our Dads would have made of it all. French cricket was a tradition in my family with much hilarity, trickery, brilliance and allowance for small people amongst the teens and adults. Perhaps the wee bat will be used this Xmas to include Joshua. The bat feels very special. One of my brothers has suggested that all users autograph it and I think that is a wonderful idea.
      Thanks for the nod about “Parky”. I enjoyed his interviews on television.


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