A quote for Thursday

I found this quote in a book I am reading by Alicia Salzer, M D, entitled: “Back to Life – getting past your past with resilience, strength and optimism.”

“In a world blinded by the pursuit of pleasure, I am here to say that people are in pain. In a world rushing to get ahead, I am here to say that people are being left behind. In a world obsessed with the value of the market, I am here to speak for the value of life……and I am alive. This will be no quiet fight, for I am the voice of audacity in the face of apathy, I am the spirit of bravery in a world of caution. I am commitment to action in the face of neutrality. I am alive.”
Dan Pallotta, activist/survivor

The photo shows a small part a 600 year old Rimu tree in Otari-Wilton Bush Reserver, Wellington, 2007.


4 thoughts on “A quote for Thursday

    1. ordinarygoodness Post author

      You may like to read my blog post from April 22 2009 “Rimus, reflection and restoration” where I mention this tree and its near neighbour of 800 years. The spot where these two giants stand is very, very special in an energy.atmosphere way.

  1. Juliet batten

    I just took a look at your 2009 post. What a special area and how lucky you are to be able to go there and remember your parents. Giant trees hold so much energy, and make a sacred zone. That sense of continuity must be so wonderful.

    1. ordinarygoodness Post author

      It is a special site to visit and remember my parents. They were both gardeners, composters, nature and bush lovers so a fitiing resting place. The giant trees are less easily accessible. You are so accurate about a sacred zone where they stand. The young sapling from the ancient tree feels such a gift to honour my parents and to assist in the regeneration of the native bush reserve. Perfect circles of life.


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