Winter or spring?

We very rarely experience snow falling where we live but for the past two days we have had some very cold weather, straight off the Antarctic ice shelf which has delivered several heavy snow falls.

At the same time there are signs of spring in the garden. One of them is the branches on the Japanese maple turning rich red.

Here is the tree showing its determination for new growth under the burden of icy droplets formed by the falling snow.

6 thoughts on “Winter or spring?

  1. Judith

    Hi Lynley.
    We have had snow, sleet, rain and sunshine today. Snow fell quite heavily a short time ago and blanketed the ground but it has stopped now. Treacherous driving and walking conditions. Keep warm. 🙂

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I hope you are taking care too Judith. We are not well equipped for snow, sleet and ice. I think the house is even colder today with the howling cold wind testing the heating in the living areas.
      That small tree became more and more snow laden between 4 and 6pm last night. Rain falling later in the evening soon had the thick snow melting.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I hope so too Trece. It is a very, very rare event that sees snow falling in our neck of the woods. The South Island of New Zealand gets snowfalls in the winter and the central part of the North Island does too but we normally just get hail and driving cold southerlies in winter storms.
      I will be watching my garden closely to see how it is affected.

  2. Juliet batten

    What contrasts we are having, and what a rich red that Japanese maple is. I’ve just had 7 of your posts (since July 30) arrive in my in-box all at once! I thought you must have stopped posting, but no.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      We are in more “normal for Wellington in winter” weather today. Howling, cold southerly wind blowing in heavy rain and hail showers. Bitterly cold weather. I’ve been quieter on the blog in the past three weeks. One of our cats has been unwell and that has taken a lot of my attention lately. We are awaiting test results today to see what our next step with him is.


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