International Literacy Day

I see in the newspaper this morning that it is International Literacy Day.

“Adult and Community Education Aotearoa is encouraging people to engage in Random Acts of Reading today to celebrate the written word and acknowledge the importance of global literacy.”

I had been planning to post the question “What is your favourite word?” so today seems a good day to post such a question.

I love words, playing with words, making up words, having fun with words, completing word puzzles and reading words.

I don’t have just one favourite word but a word I am enjoying right now is “vex” in all its forms….

What is your favourite word today?

Early literacy skill development


14 thoughts on “International Literacy Day

  1. diggingher

    For me the word at the moment would be delight. It is such a wonderful little word. Take delight! Sounds so sweet.

  2. northernnarratives

    My word today is water. There is road construction in my neighborhood and we had no water today. When the water was back this evening, I realized how much I value turning on the faucet and receiving clean water.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      We are inclined to take things for granted aren’t we Judy. Clean drinkable water at the turn of a tap is something to be very, very grateful for. Nice word water.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I love “lurk” too Ruth. Eftsoons had me seeking my trusty dictionary as it was a new word for me……..”soon afterwards” was the meaning I found. Thanks for offering me a new word to play with.

  3. Judith

    Oh so many favourite words Lynley. I can’t pick one. But when the children were growing we each used to pick a word a day. So today’s word would be onomatopoeia. It’s not a word to use in every day speech but what a lovely sound it has. And what a great word to use with children to see how many words can be made from it. A short time spent on this and I stopped at 30 words. Yes, definitely today’s favourite.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Yes I have many favourite words too Judith. I love your habit of each family member picking a word a day. What a fun way to boost literacy and develop a love of words. We seem to be good at making up silly and fun words around here at times…..


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