Energy fields

I was at a friend’s place getting ready to leave yesterday when the big southerly blew in, bringing with it a dramatic thunderstorm. Standing on her doorstep watching the sleety hail pelt down I was about to make a dash for my car when lightning struck and immediately the sound exploded around and through us. We use a term “a clap of thunder” but that was no description for what we experienced. The energy discharged was huge and hit us in waves and the strike was extremely loud. My ears felt deafened by it and they took some time to recover.

We decided that 2011 has seen a new normal here in New Zealand with dramatic natural events, including weather changes now being something we have to manage.

I had intended to post today about energy but it is a vastly different experience of energy. On our recent holiday trip to Pukaha we were aware that along one of the paths there was a stand of Californian Redwood trees. We had enjoyed being amongst these trees on Te Mata Peak, Havelock North so it was exciting to come across a large stand amidst the native bush of the wildlife centre.

We simply stepped less than a metre down a gentle incline off the path and felt as if we had gone through a force field into an entirely different world. Without any communication both my daughter and I spread out our arms and turned around as we felt the changed energy. We looked at each other in acknowledgement of what we had both felt simultaneously. It proved very difficult to find words to describe what we were feeling.

The air felt cooler, very still and serene. It was, as if, we had stepped out of one world and into another vastly different one in the space of 3 or 4 paces. There was a lightness and joy to the energy. High above us in the tops of the Redwoods was a group of noisy Kakas busily tearing at the fibrous bark to find insects to eat, providing some familiarity.

Redwoods at Pukaha, Wairarapa, New Zealand

I have done a little Google searching today to find out more about Californian Redwoods in an attempt to discover why we felt such a shift in energy when we were amongst the giant trees. These magnificent trees can live for up to 3000 years and have been around since the time of the dinosaurs. The tallest specimen in the world stands 6 stories higher than the Statue of Liberty. They have the ability to sprout from root stock as well as from seed. A fallen or cut Redwood can provide nutrients to a circle of new redwoods. One variety is named Sequoia Sempervirens or Sequoia Everlasting. The life force is very very powerful in these trees.

Druids consider Redwoods excellent at drawing down power from heaven to earth.

So they are remarkable trees and they seem to like our climate here in New Zealand, where they have been planted for many years now as a source of hard work timber.
It was very easy to spend time among these special trees, soaking up this extraordinary energy and we certainly felt the shift back into the real world as we returned to the nearby path.


7 thoughts on “Energy fields

  1. Jo Woolf

    That’s very interesting! I practise reiki and meditation, and one of the exercises involves (in the meditation) sitting under an ancient tree, which is connected to both the earth and sky, and is a source of great wisdom. I can imagine the feeling that you had. Amazing!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Practicing Reiki and meditation will certainly assist in feeling energy shifts. In the busyness of the world it was a wonderful space to be in for a time.

  2. diggingher

    Your experiences described with nature are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Very interesting to compare and contrast. I personally enjoy both experiences you write about today. Communing with nature can be exhilarating and peaceful! thanks for sharing.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Being out in nature is so good for all of us. I am so fortunate to live in New Zealand where nature is on my doorstep in many different forms. I’m not sure I want to repeat the strength of that lightning bolt and attendant thunder.

  3. Elephants Wind

    I hope you don’t mind, I linked this to my facebook page. How fascinating! Thank you so much for writting the article.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks for sharing my blog post. I find energy pretty fascinating and I’ve experienced the strength and the gentleness in two different locations and times.

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