Daily Archives: September 15, 2011

My gratitude list for today

Writing this list this morning has helped me refocus on the positives in my life right now, rather than the challenges.

So for me today I am grateful:

For the plumber who arrived last week in time to repair the worn shower part, narrowly averting a major flood in our house.

For the improved pressure and water flow in the shower.

For time spent with friends this week.

For the television programme QI ( Quite Interesting) which makes me laugh and laugh and feeds my love of words, wit and my wonder at just how much knowledge there is in the world today.

For everyone in the family having employment in this time of high unemployment and cutbacks.

For the intense beauty of the flowering kowhai trees and the abundance of Tuis feeding on the nectar.

For the scent of freesias and the still beauty of Camellias.

For the people I am meeting through the blogging world.

For the stunning photos on people’s blogs.

And finally, but of no lesser significance, for a good haircut now that my hairdresser is back from her holiday….yah!