Trash Palace and a Shining Cuckoo

Today is one of those breath-takingly beautiful days we get here in Wellington which remind us of just how lovely this often wind-blown, cloudy and cool location can be.

I loaded the car boot up with unwanted items and headed to our local recycling depot in Porirua called Trash Palace.

As I was getting back in my car I was startled to hear the song of a Shining Cuckoo. I had been thinking about this bird a lot over the past week as I had heard more Grey Warblers singing again around my home. If my memory serves me correctly it usually a little later in the season when I hear the Shining Cuckoos near here.

However I found the following article and note that September is often the time for the Cuckoos to return to NZ from their wintering over in Pacific Islands. This link also features an audio of the lovely song of the Shining Cuckoo as well as lots of new information about its habits, its preferred foods and the remarkable job it does keeping our lovely kowhai trees in excellent health.

Nature brings balance through symbiosis and I have a greater appreciation now of the Shining Cuckoo and its welcome, unique song.

Kowhai trees


11 thoughts on “Trash Palace and a Shining Cuckoo

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I love our birds too Judy. We have a wonderful array of native birds, all with their own special characteristics. I intend to post on the Takahe next week. Glad you are enjoying my birdie posts.

  1. Anna Potthoff

    A lovely article! thank you so much for sharing. I get to experience a land far away from my corner of North Carolina (USA). You write with such pizazz that I actually feel like I am sitting next to you as you experience these wonders. Thanks, Anna

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