Walk this way

The mayor of our city is the youngest mayor in New Zealand. He is young and innovative and has been showing the way to healthy fitness and weight management by walking and swimming.

Last night in my suburb, which has a network of walkways, the first of the Mayoral walks was undertaken.

“Join the Mayor and “bend his ear” on the Porirua Mayoral Walk Series
Porirua is home to a beautiful harbour and a stunning array of spectacular landscapes and – but often we’re too busy to take the time to explore everything our city has to offer.
Mayor Nick Leggett has organized a series of “Mayoral Walks” that will allow residents, community groups and businesses to join him in taking full advantage of Porirua’s awesome natural assets – and help keep fit and healthy at the same time!” Source: Porirua City Council Website.

The route through our suburb included our street and we watched as 40 people participated in the walk with the Mayor. I’m not sure how much talking to the Mayor was happening as we live in a hilly part of the area but it was good to see a new approach to celebrating the walking tracks in our city, led by the city leader and some of the councillors.


6 thoughts on “Walk this way

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      There are at least three more walks planned over the next weeks and at different times of the day and week so they are trying to capture a good response. 40 people out on a chilly evening was pretty good for the first walk.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      This young mayor is certainly doing his bit to promote walking. We see so much more while out walking.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      We like the great outdoors here in NZ but going walking with the Mayor is pretty novel. Perhaps you could write and ask your Mayor to go out walking and show the health and fitness flag Anna?


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