The sound of summer

After weeks of grey skies, lots of drizzly rain and gale force winds yesterday was a bit brighter and warmer. I was visiting a friend who lives nearby and I was delighted to hear the sound of a cicada.

Cicadas herald summer here so perhaps come December 1st we will begin to enjoy a lovely, warm summer.

Cicadas are native to New Zealand and it is the male who makes the loud crackling song which ends in a click as he flicks his wings. On a hot summer’s day the air can be filled with the deafening songs of hundreds of cicadas singing loudly for their mate.

The Greek poet Xenarchus wrote: Happy are cicada’s lives, for they have only voiceless wives”.

The weather today has been even better with little wind and warm sunshine all day. The two cherry tomato plants which have been growing apace in my kitchen waiting for warmer and calmer weather are now planted outdoors and staked firmly to withstand the wind if it returns. We also planted another crop of lettuce.

Roll on summer!

Chorus cicada


10 thoughts on “The sound of summer

  1. Juliet batten

    This sounds like a good sign. I haven’t heard one yet, so will start listening. I haven’t even planted my tomatoes as it’s been hard to get out to the bach, but I am now reminded to hurry up!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      It was a pleasant surprise Juliet after all the dreary, cold weather of late. I feared that I would never get the tomatoes into their plots. I hope they will do well now. Good luck with yours:-)

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