One man’s pest is another man’s pleasure

As summer progresses I see in my garden that there are two pest plants busy flowering.

The first is Montbretia, an escapee from over the fence and into this Choysa Ternata in my garden. Every year I pull out as many of the bulbs as I can but Montbretia is tenacious. I see on a website that comes out of Auckland that this plant is a pest plant. It certainly wants to colonise my garden and I would be happier to see it growing elsewhere despite its bright orange colour that seems to match the glaring light today.

It can be useful in some remote places for helping to hold sand dunes together.

The other plant that is marching every onward in my garden are the agapanthus. These are beyond my resources as they not only seed off these luxuriant heads but spread by suckering roots from the mat of roots they establish.

I like to see a massed display of these flowers on long farm driveways or along stretches of motorway rather than the dominating feature in parts of my backyard.

Here are two plants which are bringing me great pleasure in the garden today:-)

Feverfew or Pyrethrum daisy


5 thoughts on “One man’s pest is another man’s pleasure

  1. Juliet batten

    Montbretia – so that’s what it’s called. I too battle with this plant, trying to get the bulbs pulled out before they flower but not always succeeding. It’s a pity about the aganpanthus, because they are a lovely colour.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I learnt the name Montbretia when on a trip to Farewell Spit. The guide said it was useful in the zone where rough grassy ares meet the sand dunes down there. I think he said the European settlers bought it out with them. It is certainly very hard to get rid of and without attempts to reduce it, it goes very rampant.
      The blue agapanthus do look splendid at the moment but they are very keen to take over. I cut the flower heads off to help prevent seed spreading.

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