Daily Archives: February 2, 2012

Sky paintings

I’ve been searching for inspiration in the last weeks and in a helpful way the cloud formations have lifted my eyes upwards. Looking up engages useful parts of our brains when we are seeking new ideas.

However the cloud formations have been inspiring in their own way, bringing me to wonder about them this summer. Often there are fluffy clouds being chased about by the winds and going past at a lower level while high above are the most amazing long, thin clouds, soft puff balls, or wispy brush stroke clouds, or a stretch of cake icing cloud

Photos don’t always do these amazing high cloud formations justice but here is a sample from recent days.

2012_0204Image0011 (1280x960)

2012_0204Image0015 (1280x960)

There is often thick cloud about as the sun sets at the moment but we are also getting glimpses through the density of the most stunning, vibrant sunsets.
2012_0204Image0016 (1280x960)

This one has the thick clouds being pushed along in the wind and a bank of lower thick, grey cloud drifting onto the hills but flashing dramatically in any gaps was this brilliance.