I’ve checked the dictionary and “tenacious” can mean “persisting in existence” and this fuchsia cutting certainly has tenacity in truckloads.

When we shifted to this house in the late 1980’s there was a woody, gnarly old fuchsia bush which was the parent of this cutting. In 1998 we did extensive outdoor landscaping which meant the old bush had to be removed.

At the time of removal I took a cutting and popped it into a small plastic pot, silently promising it that if it survived I would find a place for it somewhere in the modified garden.

2012_0201Image0013 (1280x960)

2012_0201Image0014 (1280x960)

It is hard to believe that this cutting somehow survived in its little pot for 14 years, despite dry spells, wet conditions, frost, snow and harsh winds. But it did and after removing some unwanted plants in the early new year I honoured my promise and planted it back near the site of its parent.

In keeping with its determined life force it is doing very well, flowering and putting on new leaves. I am watering it regularly and the mulch around it should help ensure it survives the summer. I am looking forward to it flourishing and offering a splash of colour in that spot in the garden. It is a symbol of keeping a firm hold on life and hope.


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