Stunning weather, stunning visitor

Today has been a hot, sunny day. The sort of February day we expect. Sadly such days have been few and far between since Christmas time 2011.

At lunch time I heard the prettiest song and as I looked out into our back garden I saw a grey- fawn coloured bird darting amongst the leaves of the golden elm tree.
It was bigger than a sparrow but smaller than a blackbird and it sang with such clear, bell-like sounds interspersed with more ordinary chirrups.

It was gone before I could look for the camera and I doubt that I would have managed to capture it without a zoom lens and more technique than I have.

I checked my NZ birds book and was delighted to find that I had seen a New Zealand Bellbird, or Korimako, its Maori name. It was Mrs Bellbird. I had heard her song a couple of times in the previous weeks but I could not see the singer.

I am so thrilled that I have finally seen a Bellbird in the wild and even more thrilled that the bird was in my garden. I hope Mrs Bellbird returns soon and brings Mr Bellbird with her.


5 thoughts on “Stunning weather, stunning visitor

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I love all the birds but this visitor was extra special. All the conservation efforts are paying off as we see more and more native birds in urban gardens. We also heard a morepork last week and the grey warblers are more audible too. I love seeing your shore birds Juliet.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      That would be very special Jo. We may be too close to a busy road for the rather reclusive bellbirds but who knows…

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