Birds in my garden this week

The past week has had some dispiriting aspects to it but the cheering news from me is about the native birds.

Each morning this week, Korimako (such a beautiful name) the native Bellbird has been in and around my garden with its glorious clear, sweet bell-like song. A neighbour has a large Bottle brush tree which is currently covered in red flowers containing nectar. Bellbirds are like Tuis and love nectar. Their beak is shaped to drink the nectar from the neck of the flowers. So the Bellbird has discovered an abundant site to enjoy breakfast and thrill me with its song.

Also during the week I have heard the Grey Warblers again. They have been quiet of late, presumably raising their young or those of the Shining Cuckoo. Last night I spotted a pair of Fantail flitting chirpily around the garden. Their return indicates that autumn is here and they will be around until spring when they move elsewhere.

I’ve heard Tui song from time to time but I am expecting them back in numbers soon if my blog records continue to predict this event.

When I was growing up the sight and sounds of our native birds was generally something reserved for museums and exhibitions where we could view stuffed birds and listen to audio of their song.

To hear and see an increasing range of native birds in my garden is such a joy and so uplifting in the face of indifferent news.

And the final part of last night’s sunset is worth sharing too:-)


6 thoughts on “Birds in my garden this week

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      That is a fantastic “turn” in the season that happens Judy isn’t it? Enjoy those spring songs.

  1. Juliet batten

    It must be so special to have bellbirds visiting, as well as the other birds. I love the sunset picture. We don’t have enough sun for a good sunset – just one rainset after the other.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I am loving the native birds. It is very special to wake up to the song of the bellbird. We have had so many lovely sunsets after days when the clouds have dominated the sky all day. “Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight” which in theory means a fine day to follow after the night but generally more clouds and such low light greet us in the morning. I am about to post two photos of the sunset last night – one showing interesting shaped grey clouds and then the magic of the brilliant sunset as the last rays lit up the western sky.

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