The magic of rain drops

I love going to sleep at night with the sound of rain falling on the roof. It goes back to my childhood when safe and sound in a warm dry house and snuggled up in a warm comfortable bed the beat of drops soothed me off to sleep.

We’ve had really stormy weather these past 4 days and the wind has howled and buffeted at us. There had been some rain but mostly it was skiffy, drizzly stuff which did not penetrate the dry soil and any moisture was quickly sucked out by the gales.

So last night’s steady rain was a welcome sound. It means I don’t have to water my plants today and I know they will have had a good soaking.

But I caught sight of some other magic rain drops as I went out to hang out some washing this morning. The sun was glinting off the big fat round rain drops that had caught on this lacy leaf down amongst the other leaves that had blown into this spot on the path. The intense sparkling was eye catching and reminded me that there are always gems to be found in nature and in life, despite storms and crazy happenings.


5 thoughts on “The magic of rain drops

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Welcome back Juliet. I’m pleased you can comment on WordPress again. These things can be most mysterious. The rain drops on the leaf really shone this morning. We’ve had sunshine, rain and tropical feeling air today!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Rain is not always welcomed but like you Judy we needed some soaking rain. The garden is looking better for it. Your rain will be spring rain now which brings so much more to life once it has fallen.

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