It is………………

For those of you playing at home here is the answer to the question I posed on my blog yesterday.

The gnarly looking, pinkish red coloured object, which I think looks a bit like a Chinese dragon form is a seed pod off our deciduous magnolia tree.

This season there are lots and lots of these pods, most of them smaller than this one but of varying shapes. I don’t remember seeing so many pods before.

Here is another such pod showing the brightly coloured seeds almost ready to fall out.

2012_0416Image0039 (1280x960)

And here are two seeds from a pod that was fully open but the seeds had yet to detach their pale thread from the pod. I have plucked the seeds out.

2012_0416Image0038 (1280x960)

I’ve yet to see a tiny magnolia tree sprouting beneath the mature tree but most of the seeds would fall onto concrete here.

I’m glad my curiosity led me to this discovery.


7 thoughts on “It is………………

  1. juliet

    They are so strange, aren’t they? I recognised it because I used to have a magnolia like that and went through the same wondering and then discovery.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Some have thought it was a deformed flower or strawberry. They are quite remarkable seed pods. A friend is going to try and grow some trees from some of the seeds.

      1. Gallivanta

        Thanks for the link. Juliet has a lovely blog; I looked at her retreat and wept!! Not quite, :), but lovely to have endless sleep and food brought to one’s room. I see her new book is praised by Stephanie Dowrick. I have one of Stephanie’s books and I love it.

      2. ordinarygood Post author

        I have Juliet’s latest book “Spirited Ageing” from the library to read. I like her writing. I think she knows Stephanie through the Interfaith movement. Some of Stephanie’s writing is beyond me but others of her books I really enjoy.
        As for a retreat……oh yes….I am with you on that.

      3. Gallivanta

        Ah, yes, I had one book of Stephanie’s which was way too hard for my brain. I only managed two or three chapters before I gave out (up!) I will keep Spirited Ageing in mind for when I have found my way through the pile of books on my bedside chair.

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