A real head turner

This stunning pyracantha “turned my head” as I drove past it on my way home yesterday. Today in duller overhead conditions I went back to take some photos to share.

2012_0417Image0048 (1280x960)

Pyracanthas are renowned for their brilliant berry displays in autumn. It is surprising to see such a brilliant show because we have not had many crisp autumn nights so far but whatever the reason, this specimen has burst forth into golden glory. It positively glows sitting alone with a dark fence behind it.

2012_0417Image0050 (1280x960)


4 thoughts on “A real head turner

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      The colour is so intensely yellow/golden Judy. I don’t think my camera/photo has done full justice to this bush but the close up of the berries shows the sheer abundance on the bush. I don’t have a bush like this in my garden but comments on websites indicate that birds do eat the berries and that pyracantha bushes are great to plant to attract the birds into a garden. I have a red berried Cotoneaster bush which is just coming into its most striking and the birds love those berries. I will post a photo of that once the intensity of colour deepens in the berries:-)


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