Acorns and fairies

We took our cameras down to the grove of Flowering Cherry trees (here they are in glorious spring last year) which is near our local Kindergarten and Primary School.

Near the school car park are three large Oak trees. My children all attended this school and at this time of the year they would bring home piles of acorns, collected in sweatshirt pockets, empty lunch boxes or in their school packs.

2012_0430Image0120 (1280x960)

Today the ground was littered with acorns and the little cups that drop off the acorn. The little cups are the fascinating means that allow the acorn to form and hold it on the tree until the seed is ripe enough to tumble to the ground.

2012_0430Image0122 (1280x960)
Did you play with acorns and the little cups when you were a child? I did, pretending the little cups could be drink containers for fairies or tiny hats for tiny heads?

2012_0430Image0126 (1280x960)

And do you remember this rhyme about Oak trees and acorns? We used to chant this at each other during acorn seasons long ago.

“Don’t worry if your job is small and your rewards are few,
Remember that the mighty oak was once a nut like you”….

I’ll post some photos of the flowering cherry trees in their autumn colours in my next post…..:-)


8 thoughts on “Acorns and fairies

  1. realruth

    I can also remember thinking that acorn cups might be fairy hats. In autumn it’s a pleasure to be able to pick up acorns, and shiny chestnuts.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Acorns and the acorn cups really appeal to small children don’t they Ruth. But they also appeal to adults wherever oak trees are found. Acorns offer us much to wonder about.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks Jo. Those delicate cups hold quite a weight as the acorn develops. Acorns appeal all over the world it seems. Our neighbour has an oak tree growing on their front yard after a grandchild grew a seedling from a local acorn. The tree is still quite small yet but one day could overshadow the house.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Acorns are a pleasure to pick up, hold and feel their smoothness. Perhaps we get a sense of the potential power and might contained within that small seed?


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