It seems that the word “hacked” is high in our minds nowadays as computer systems, passwords, websites, emails, mobile phones, money machines and other technological whizzy things fall prey to people who have very negative intentions.

I have to suspect that something or someone via Yahoo is sniffing around on my blog and some random emails with a “yahoo” in the address have appeared this past week. And other bloggers are reporting similar invasions.

However some more positive hacking has happened here over the weekend. The pesky agapanthus plants have taken a hit. My Dad, who was a keen gardener, would often comment that while he may not have successfully removed a pest plant he “had given it something to seriously think about”.


I’m hopeful that some of the more desirable shrubs in this spot can now reclaim their patch and offer us enjoyment we have been missing.


8 thoughts on “Hacked

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Oh yes the agapanthus think they run the show around here! They’ll be back despite getting a big hair cut yesterday. I’m glad you enjoyed my post:-))

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      My Dad loved words, puns, quirky sayings and he had a wicked sense of humour. He taught English at secondary school level so loved the more traditional literature too….
      My husband is brilliant at cutting things back. He really had the hedge clippers cutting yesterday:-) The aggies will be back!

  1. judithhb

    My other problem apart from the agapanthus is ivy. Some fool planted ivy many years ago and it is now running amok. Hacking, cutting, chopping doesn’t faze it at all. Next we will attempt to kill it with much weed killer. Luckily it isn’t close to anything I want to keep.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Oh I am with you Judith on Ivy. Our garden is full of it too and it is nigh impossible to completely remove. I have an awful suspicion that cutting it back allows small snippets to take root elsewhere. Wandering willie tests me here too! On balance though the plants I like still outweigh the pests:-)

  2. kiwiyarns

    Yay! Someone who dislikes agapanthus as much as I! I have a plant pest problem too. Unfortunately, the garden isn’t mine otherwise I’d be tempted to put a grader through the whole lot and start all over again.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Agapanthus are so vigorous and beyond me to hack away at now. Gardening does bring its challenges. One man’s pest is another man’s pleasure in terms of plants. Some of the photos you take of your home surroundings are beautiful. Focusing on the things we enjoy is the way to survive the annoyances I find:-)


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