No longer “in-waiting”

Our Japanese maple tree is no longer “in- waiting” for the autumn switch. The clear, crisp nights around and since the Super moon this week have seen a dramatic colour change on most of the tree and today the leaves are dropping in large numbers

At a glance, in the gloomy conditions today, the courtyard looks as if stars have fallen to earth.

It is as if the maple tree was like its owners, determined to hold on to any last vestiges of the Indian summer, but nature always wins and the seasonal shift is well underway now.


4 thoughts on “No longer “in-waiting”

  1. juliet

    Beautiful images Lynley. They look quite Japanese, which is fitting since it’s a Japanese maple! – they are such lovely trees to watch through autumn.

    1. Koru Knits and crafts Post author

      Thanks Juliet. I think we will enjoy quite a show now as the Japanese Maple responds to this new cold.

  2. Jo Woolf

    Beautiful colours… they almost make me feel it’s autumn over here, too. The weather looks that way at present!

    1. Koru Knits and crafts Post author

      The leaves are pretty Jo. We seem to have hit winter over the last two days but sunshine is promised for tomorrow. I hope your spring perks up to warmth and sunshine. It is hard to get good weather these days it would seem:-)


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