Who would you miss?

Who would you miss if they left your life? I know you would miss your loved ones and friends.

But my question today relates to people who provide you with services that you value highly and which you might struggle to replace. In my case they would include my hairdresser, my dentist, and my mechanic.

These three people offer immeasurable value to me because I know and trust them and they know and understand my particular needs. They are totally reliable and are only too happy to go the extra mile to offer me brilliant service. In turn, I recommend them to others as a small way of acknowledging their businesses and services they provide.

Earlier this week I found another person who I have added to my list. She is a local dressmaker who has been able to alter some clothes to fit me and who will draft a pattern off some trousers that I have loved wearing but are no longer made. I can then chose fabric for new trousers and she will be able to make them for me and for a very reasonable price. It feels such a relief to have found someone who can help me feel comfortable in the clothes I wear or chose to buy.

Thank goodness for personal service given generously.

4 thoughts on “Who would you miss?

  1. realruth

    Good on you for publicly thanking these people who give great service. In Christchurch we’ve lost many businesses, yet there are people who continue to provide amazing service from homes and garages, in extremely difficult conditions.

    1. Koru Knits and crafts Post author

      I really value and rely on these people Ruth so it is a pleasure to publicly thank them. As you say these folk often have many, many other things in their lives to contend with and yet still come up shining with great service. Some of the stories of resilience in Christchurch are very, very impressive.

  2. juliet

    We certainly learn to rely on these people. My hairdresser is certainly on my list, but my computer man is about to be dropped as he won’t reply to my calls. Sometimes reliable people turn unreliable for some reason. Lucky you to have found a good dressmaker.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I am sorry to hear that your computer man seems to have become unreliable. A good and reliable computer technician is vital today. I hope you find a new one Juliet


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