Yes, but what are the lyrics?

On two occasions this week I’ve learnt new lyrics in 2 different songs.

For years I’ve not known what the words were in one line of the first song and in the second song it would seem that I was taught the “wrong” words or maybe an alternative version.

The first mysterious line, that is now clear to me, is from the song “Down on the Corner” by Credence Clearwater Revival. This puzzle was solved when we were watching the current television programme “The Sing Off”. I love this programme that is made in America and features very talented groups singing Accapella in a competition setting.

One of the groups sang “Down on the Corner” with such technique and clarity that I heard the actual words “Bring a nickel, tap your feet” as the final line in the chorus.

Then, at my grandson’s Parent as First Teachers yesterday I read the words of the children’s song “Galoop, went the little green frog.” And I discovered that the line I had been taught was NOT “The all-night frogs go [Clap] La de da de da” but “We all know frogs go [clap] La de da de da.”

I had always imagined a funky group of frogs, who clapped and sang all night when I was singing this ditty.

I think I prefer the version I learnt but I did have to laugh over this confusion and if my grandchildren learn a version different to “my” one I’ll swap to that.

Do you have a funny story to share about song lyrics gone wrong or not understood?


4 thoughts on “Yes, but what are the lyrics?

  1. Marian Kerr

    Your post made me think of a time when my kids were young and they, and a group of friends, would often talk about ‘The Omelettes Song’. It took months before one of the other mothers and I worked out they were referring to ‘Homeless’ by Simon and Garfunkel. It’s fun to revisit the memory. Whenever I hear the song my mind still sings along with ‘omelettes, omelettes….’.

    1. Koru Knits and crafts Post author

      Hee hee that is a great song “oops” Marian. My kids always sang “everyone is looking for pumpkins” to the Annie Lennox song “everyone is looking for someone”!!!

      Last Xmas a young man finally learnt that it was NOT “Good King Wences last looked out!”

      Like you the funny ones stick whenever the tune is heard!!! Good fun!

      1. Northern Narratives

        That reminds me. We used to sing “Good King Wences lost looked out”.

      2. ordinarygood Post author

        That Xmas carol seems to trip up lots of people Judy. It is often easier to remember the mistakes than the correct words.:-)

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