A bitter wind today

We have a bitterly cold wind gusting about us this morning. So far the sky is clear and the sun is doing its best to offer some warmth. However with snow and sleet predicted for much of the South Island and the high hills and mountains of the country it is a day to hunker down inside.

The slow cooker is working away on Moroccan lamb and couscous for dinner, the soup pot is now bubbling away gently on the stove, the tea- pot and toaster are at the ready. All to help keep the chill out today.

Jazz has a cozy spot by the gas heater to do his stretching exercises and I’ve got layers of wool on. If you are a New Zealander reader keep warm today wherever you are living.


8 thoughts on “A bitter wind today

  1. realruth

    Jazz looks very happy and relaxed. We needed three heaters to keep the office warm today, but at least we haven’t seen any more snow – yet.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      The dinner was very scrummy Jo. Lots of warming spices on such a bitterly cold day. Jazz somehow keeps his whites very white! His tummy is lovely to stroke. We laughingly call him stretching as he was in the photo “his yoga stretches”. He’s a pretty zen kind of cat.


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