A gift of 100 apples

We are totally spoilt for choice in New Zealand when it comes to choosing apples to eat nowadays.

This morning a gift of 100 Kanzi apples arrived on our doorstep. They are fresh off trees in Hawkes Bay.

The Kanzi is a new variety of apple, combining the Braeburn and the Royal Gala apples. I love both of these varieties, which are quite different.

Both are very juicy apples and crisp eating apples when fresh. The Braeburn has a sharper quality in taste, compared with the Royal gala which is sweeter and quite perfumed.

I have tried one of the Kanzi’s and have found the Braeburn qualities predominate but every so often I was pleasantly surprised with a bite full of sweet Royal Gala speaking of summer weather.

Apparently Kanzi’s cook well too but I think we will eat these delicious treats fresh from the refrigerator.

12 thoughts on “A gift of 100 apples

  1. judithhb

    Oh lucky you Lynley. I haven’t heard of Kanzi apples but they sound good. Perhaps we will see them in the fruit shop before too long. 🙂

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Kanzi is a new variety Judith. The family member who works in the apple industry said they were “commercialising” it but I don’t know exactly what that means. We are enjoying our generous gift.

  2. Karen Berthine

    I love experimenting with apples for pies. I live in California, and an apple I only recently dicovered is the Arkansas Black. Amazing for pies, though not my preferred choice for eating plain. 🙂

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      America, home of Mom and Apple Pie….lol! Kanzi’s do cook well evidently and would need to be mashed to achieve a fine pulp so they could be OK in a dessert. They may be a little tart/tangy for a pie though. An Arkansas Black is an evocative name for an apple. Enjoy your pie!

      1. Karen Berthine

        donExcept I don’t make traditional U.S. apple pies. I created a hybrid out of a traditional Norwegian desssert with an American apple pie (as I had one parent of each) … my son-in-law and my SO claim they are the best apple pies they’ve ever had. And the best apple, I have found, for pies is the Arkansas Black. One of the unique aspects of that apple is if you leave the skin on (as I always do as I don’t like mushy filling), the deep burgandy color of the skin “bleeds” down through the individual apple pieces as they bake. Amazing color.. 🙂

  3. realruth

    I look forward to trying a Kanzi when they evenutally reach the South Island. I wonder if the trees are available? We have a dead apple tree we plan to replace soon.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      All three of us here have tried a Kanzi or two and wonder if it is a little too tart and tangy for us. The interesting thing is that every so often there is a burst of Royal Gala flavour to sweeten the taste sensations. I will ask when Kanzi’s and the rootstock will be in the shops around the country and let you know Ruth. You are spoilt for choice nowadays for apple trees.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      The apples are a wonderful gift Juliet. Apples straight off the trees taste so good. I have checked with our family member who sent them to us and he tells me they won’t be in the supermarkets until next season at the earliest. If they are sold next year it will be through Countdown supermarkets. The first trees in production are only 4 years old evidently. No rootstock yet for the home gardener either.


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