Daily Archives: June 20, 2012

Short day, big hunger

Tomorrow is the shortest day which means today was almost as short. I headed out to the garden in the dimming daylight to pick some silver beet.

I was surprised to find this hedgehog snuffling about. I offered it some of Jazz’s leftover cat food and it was very pleased to eat a portion, once I had backed a distance away.

I know why they are known as hedge-hogs now as it was a very snuffly, snorty eater with a loud chew.

There was evidence it had been rustling about in some of the heaps of dead leaves but it was no where to be seen some minutes later.


Tui territory trimmed

The very tall, dense Magnolia in our neighbour’s property has recently been trimmed to let more light and sunshine into our home and property. This was a favourite tree for the Tui (or Tuis) to sit and sing in.

Sadly since it has been trimmed the Tui has not been back to sing in the tree. I miss that and hope the Tui will return very soon