Tui territory trimmed

The very tall, dense Magnolia in our neighbour’s property has recently been trimmed to let more light and sunshine into our home and property. This was a favourite tree for the Tui (or Tuis) to sit and sing in.

Sadly since it has been trimmed the Tui has not been back to sing in the tree. I miss that and hope the Tui will return very soon


5 thoughts on “Tui territory trimmed

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      The Tuis may well be away feasting on the red flowering gums at the moment but I’ve heard them around our neighbourhood and none have perched in the tree since it was trimmed. I wonder if they have singing “spots”?

  1. raeroadley

    Current singing spot at our place is the privet trees on our ‘death’ list. After reading in the NZ Herald’s Sideswipe columns about tui singing the ring tone of cellphones, etc, I’m whistling the tune ‘Row, row, row your boat’. No joy yet, perhaps because the tui enjoy their own tunes so much.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I’m with you on “death to ALL privets”. But since trimming the large, sun-blocking magnolia, I have only seen a Tui in it twice and only once did the Tui sing. It would seem that we really have disturbed the singing spot too much, despite there being plenty of foliage and branches… I wondered whether Tui could somehow “mark” such a spot….I have much to learn about these beautiful birds. Tuis are around and I can still hear them but that spot was rather special and very close to my living area.

      Keep on with the tune whistling, it may yet catch on. Let me know if it does!


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