Treasures and mementos

One of my children, now grown up, was given this collection of shells and seeds by a friend’s family from Playcentre.

They had contact with various scientists and were happy to gift us this array of treasures. The land snail shells are so colourful and inside each of these three are tiny classification details. Once upon a time they were part of a research study into creatures of my country.

The bright red and black seeds are a mystery to me.

With small children it was a time, back then, to examine and wonder, to observe the diversity of size and shape, to explore with very gentle touch and respect and to learn more about life on earth.

This small collection of treasures is important to me and one day I hope to share my enjoyment of them with my grandchildren.

Do you have such treasures tucked away?


6 thoughts on “Treasures and mementos

  1. realruth

    I used to have a beautiful land snail shell. One day there was a loud crack and it kind of exploded – I guess it must have dried out. I miss it, and was delighted to see your collection.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      They are very beautiful Ruth and each one unique. The larger shell in this little collection seems much drier than the others so I hope it is not going to explode. That would have been disconcerting for you and disappointing.


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