Sopping wet

We have had two and a half days of continual rain. Our local weather website tells me that 51.7mm of rain has fallen in July to date. 20.2 mm fell yesterday.

The rain has been heavy at times but in the main it has been thick, heavy drizzle. The drizzle drops are as fine as pin pricks but soak things thoroughly and quickly. Around here we call it “very wetting rain”. It is impossible to run between the drops…:-))

Everything feels damp and the grass is sodden and best avoided. Paths have little streams draining over them or large puddles sitting on them.

When the rain eased a little this morning I went outdoors for some welcome fresh air and took some photos of drips which glistened everywhere in the calm conditions.

I also rescued the first daffodil from drowning. The daffodils are early this year but very welcome as we hope for some drying conditions very soon.


10 thoughts on “Sopping wet

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thank you Mara. The macro on the camera is a wonderful tool. It was lovely to get outdoors for a little bit and capture the raindrops that were everywhere. The sun is out today:-))))))!!

      1. thewritingblues

        Yeah I love the macro feature too.

        I BET it’s nice to get outside! 🙂 We haven’t had much sun this summer so I’ve been enjoying every minute we’ve been getting. Enjoy yours! 🙂

      2. ordinarygood Post author

        I hope the sun shines for you Mara. A sunless summer is not much fun. That happened here this past season. Today has been a real tonic and helped to dry things out a bit.

      3. thewritingblues

        Oh I think we’re turning around again – today turned out gorgeous once the fog burned off. I snuck out at lunch down to a tiny pier most people don’t know about and just sat and looked at boats in the sunshine. Might be doing a repeat tomorrow. Hope yours sticks around! You need sunshine in the winter too 🙂

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