Saturday stats

The most significant statistic for today is that it is Day 6 of fine, mild weather… enjoyable day after the next, which is stunning for July in my part of the winter world.

37 new garlic shoots are reaching skywards.

The pretty assortment of lettuces is enjoying this strange climate. I picked fresh leaves for our lunch.

The fruit and vegetable shopping has been done.

The roses are all pruned, bar a large white carpet rose. Nothing low growing or “carpety” with this giant.

The lawns have all been mowed and the scattered, dying leaves munched up by the mower.

Weeds have been pulled out.

I had a cup of tea sitting outdoors in the sun and snapped Mrs Blackbird.

An overdue thank you letter has been written and posted.

Two closets have been decluttered.

And I have posted to my blogs.

Now I am going to do the Anacross in today’s paper to give the word puzzle part of my brain a workout.

6 thoughts on “Saturday stats

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I can’t claim to have actually done all of those tasks Ruth but a lot of tasks did get a tick in the box and we enjoyed the lovely weather. It did feel a satisfying day.

  1. judithhb

    And wasn’t the weekend weather fantastic Lynley. I have Early Cheer showing its heads in my garden. I suppose we have fooled the plants into thinking Spring is here.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Lovely weekend weather Judith. It is a rare thing to be in shirt sleeves, in the garden, in mid July, in this neck of the woods. Enjoy your Early Cheer and I’m enjoying my Daffodils. The weeds have certainly leapt ahead!


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