A host of golden daffodils……..of various tonings

Spring is showing itself here more dramatically with each passing day. I went down to the reserve near our local school and kindergarten today where there are thousands of daffodils planted. They are planted in the grass beneath a stand of flowering cherry trees.

I blogged about the cherry trees here and mentioned that this reserve is in honour of Porirua’s sister city relationship with Nishio city in Japan.

The wind was gusty so the daffodils were dancing and nodding. The trees above them are budding but have to yet to flower.

A variety of daffodil bulbs have been planted giving a varied show.

Across from the reserve was a weeping willow tree just putting out its first soft, tender, pretty green leaves in a hazy display.

A flowering fruit tree was bursting with blossom.

And further down the walkway was a small flowering tree with these delicate white blossoms showing.


10 thoughts on “A host of golden daffodils……..of various tonings

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      It is a dramatic show of spring colours right now Judy. My camera did not capture the extent of the spread of daffodils and soon the blossom will be a picture above the daffodils. It is a special spot to enjoy.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Spring is bursting everywhere right now. The air is full of territorial tuis feasting on kowhai flower nectar and fighting for their lady. We hope to get a summer this year…..maybe third time lucky??? The last two summers have been a bit hard to distinguish from a mishmash of autumn/winter conditions. Here’s hoping:-)


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