Sunday stroll

I live near the delightfully simple and beautiful Aotea Lagoon. It has some lovely grassy areas, a duck pond, a rose garden, fern house, children’s play area, barbeques to use for picnics, a petanque piste, a windmill and of course the tidal lagoon that you can walk around.

Aotea Lagoon

It is a very popular spot for people of ages. It is free and offers so much ordinary pleasure.

Today with spring in full bloom I snapped some photos on a warm and sunny October afternoon. It was easy to feel the gentle energy and soak up the goodness.


Japanese maple in verdant red

Frothy flowering cherry blossoms

Vibrant cineraria


8 thoughts on “Sunday stroll

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      The water was almost like a mill-pond which makes for a very relaxing feel. As you say the flowers were full of life. The ducks and seagulls were energetic too.

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