Parenting skills

I went back to the Aotea Lagoon for another walk in the sunshine and to see the Paradise duck family again.

Here is Mum standing guard while Dad is not so far away but guarding the other angles.

Clever birds. But where are the ducklings?

As usual they are between the parents but down in the water playing in a cove-like area of the stone edging, near a pipe outlet.

Suddenly, as small creatures do, it is time to explore other areas. Up on to the warm path.

After several dashes back to the water and back up to the path, the parents decide it is nap time.

They escort their brood across the path, but there is always one isn’t there?

But this baby knows its parents will not leave it behind, snoozing on the dangerous path. Come over here on the grass where there is less traffic.

Happily the wee ones snuggle together for nap time in the afternoon sun with Mum and Dad standing on guard once again. And Mum can even risk a little preening time.

13 thoughts on “Parenting skills

  1. raeroadley

    Too cute! Walked past a wild turkey yesterday. As she was looking a little anxious, I paused – and several tiny chick heads popped out to check on goings on.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks Rae. These parent birds really work as a team to keep their brood safe. I see in my “Common Birds in New Zealand” book that the male assists with the rearing of the young. I wonder if Turkey Daddies do the same?

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    1. ordinarygood Post author

      We see lots of Paradise Duck pairs. They are wonderful parents. We were surprised to find the two females at the Lagoon this week. No sign of males so maybe no parenting displays at the Lagoon this year.

      1. Gallivanta

        Hope the males are still around. The ducks mate for life so it’s terrible if one of the pair is killed. The paradise ducklings in Christchurch are usually about around Christmas time I think.

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