Another nectar feeder visits the bottle brush bushes

The bottle brush bushes outside the kitchen window continue to bloom and attract the hungry Tuis.

They are very bossy birds and often chase any other birds out of the bush. However over the past few sunny days I have noticed the small Silvereyes (also known as Waxeyes) are visiting to feast on the nectar.

The Silvereyes dart about snatching a meal when they can and fleeing when a Tui lands to eat in the bush.

Once again the camera has come through for me and captured two photos of these welcome visitors enjoying some nectar.


7 thoughts on “Another nectar feeder visits the bottle brush bushes

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      It seems as if they (Callistemon family) are native to Australia but also grow in India. When they burst fully into bloom they are a picture. They grow well in our garden.

  1. CatinHiding

    I have seen these bushes in other FL Landscapes and they are just so pretty I decided to give it a go and purchased 3 Bottlebrush as a divider between my neighbor’s yard & mine. I have read they do like plenty of water though so this is one plant that will need watering daily, especially in the summer months! But the rewards this plant gives me will be worth it. I love Humming Birds which are attracted to this bush (among a few other Nector Feeders). It is also a plant that helps feed the birds in nature so it is a win win.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks for reading my blog and stopping by to leave a comment. I hope your bottle brush bushes thrive. They love our conditions here in New Zealand. The Tuis have been back this weekend enjoying the later flowers on the bush:-)

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Hi, Our Bottle Brush bushes are “Callestimon Tom Thumb”. The large one is much bigger than we expected it would be but Tui, Silvereyes and sparrows love them so there is no problem! I hope you plant one and get to enjoy it.


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