Does this box make me look fat?

Jazz has always loved to sleep in boxes.

Yesterday I was searching for some ribbon and lace and opened this small shoe box that contains all manner of bits and pieces for making dried lavender sachets.

At first Jazz was happy to snooze on the lid – a bit half on and half off the lid.

Later in the afternoon I caught him wedged into the body of the box. When he emerged from his catnap some hours later he did smell very beautiful….he should be stress free!






9 thoughts on “Does this box make me look fat?

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      That was a favourite book in our home too Ruth. One of my daughter-in-law’s works in an early childhood centre and tells her small charges that she knows a cat who likes to hide in boxes when they are sharing that story….Squashing into this one must have taken some effort. I missed that sadly:-)

  1. Jo Woolf

    Jazz, you are the silliest cat!! That can’t be comfy! Purdey loves boxes too, for sleeping or shredding depending on her mood.

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    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks for reading my post and leaving a comment. Jazz is a real character. I may feature him more in 2013 blog posts. Jazz’s brother PG was very beautiful too but sadly he left us just before Xmas 2011. I have some great photos of PG also. It may be time to share them too.


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