The longest day means harvesting the garlic

My gardening eye had been on the garlic in the past couple of weeks. The tops were beginning to dry indicating that the best growth has happened below ground.
Ironically garlic is meant to help keep aphids off over plants but I had discovered numerous colonies of black aphids on my garlic stems. They were not welcome.

Time to harvest was hastened by weather news that we are to experience the dregs of Cyclone Evan here over the next few days. That will mean damp, humid, sweaty weather which is not helpful to garlic…..or lots of other plants……and humans.

After the heavy mists and rain of yesterday morning had been burnt off by the sun I headed out and harvested 41 head of garlic and 5 elephant garlic.


Can you see the small bulbils on the elephant garlic?

These heads are Year 2 heads and can be eaten (yum!) and I will plant the bulbils back in the ground to produce next year’s elephants. Ideally elephant garlic grows best in a roughish patch of ground where it can cycle through the years and regenerate as well as offering pickings for consumption.

I lack such a piece of ground and use a black tub instead so bit more intervention and organization is required.

The garlic is drying off in the garage, which will now smell very pungent for a while. No vampires in our garage.


4 thoughts on “The longest day means harvesting the garlic

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks I am pleased with the crop. People are encouraged to plant garlic and garlic chives beneath their roses to help keep the aphids away. The black aphids were not fussy about my garlic leaves:-)

  1. Juliet

    Clever you. I have never had success with garlic, but your crop looks fantastic, and you’ve harvested just before the storm.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks Juliet. I love growing garlic. So far the storm has only delivered very hot and humid conditions here. It is not often we experience up to 29C in Porirua but today the mercury soared with more due tomorrow.


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