I spy with my little eye…….

Some of you will remember this post about our cat Jazz “fitting” himself into a very small shoebox.


Father Christmas kindly left an empty banana box after he had given out presents. Jazz has claimed it and has really enjoyed “his” box, especially as he can stretch out , while in it, during the hot days we are enjoying from time to time.


This morning he was playing “I spy” through one of the holes in the box.



8 thoughts on “I spy with my little eye…….

  1. bluebrightly

    So sweet – but I have a soft spot for orange cats – mine was with me 16 yrs, until last Feb – and yours looks (and seems to behave) so much like him. Nice photos –

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thank you for stopping and commenting on my blog. Jazz is a lovely cat and he adores finding boxes and other interesting things to sleep on. 16 years is a good age for a cat but we do miss them so much when they are gone.

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